Make Sure To Read This Before Getting Your First Silk Wrap Nails at a Nail Salon

If you’re a fan of long, sleek, and natural-looking nails, then you’ve probably tried growing out your natural nails or opting for traditional nail extension methods. However, for those with brittle or weak nails, achieving long nails without suffering from damage or breakage can be virtually impossible.

Luckily, silk wrap nails offer a beautiful, natural-looking alternative to nail extensions that preserve and repair your natural nails rather than weaken or damage them. If you’ve been seeking a natural, no-damage alternative to nail extensions, here’s everything you need to know before visiting a silk wrap nail salon in Newport Beach.

What Are Silk Wrap Nails?

Silk wrap nails, also known as fabric wraps, are a type of manicure that involves using a piece of silk material to strengthen or repair your natural nails. Remarkably thin and lightweight, the silk material is cut to size and applied to your nails using a special adhesive. 

The result of silk wrap nails is a nail that is stronger and more durable, yet natural-looking and still able to blend and flex with your natural nails. Silk wrap nails aren’t necessarily intended to provide extension to the nail, but rather they’re mainly used to repair broken or brittle nails. If a client wants to save a broken or torn nail so it matches the length of their remaining nails, silk wrap nails are an ideal service.


What Are the Benefits of Silk Wrap Nails?

Silk wrap nails have several benefits that make them a popular choice at nail salons in Newport Beach. Firstly, the silk fabric used in the process can temporarily fix any tearing or breakage on the nail. If you have a torn, chipped, or broken nail, opting for silk wrap nails can help repair the nail and keep all of your fingernails the same length.

Another advantage of silk wrap nails is that they are easy to maintain. You can fill your silk overlays with gel polish between appointments to improve the elasticity and longevity of your nails, and you can have them professionally filled by a silk wrap nail salon every few weeks to maintain their life without the need for a full re-application.

They’re also easy to remove compared to other spa manicure methods. Although it’s recommended to have them soaked off by a nail technician at a silk wrap nail salon, it is possible to safely remove them at home, as no filing is required. 

What Is the Silk Wrap Nail Application Process?

While the process may vary depending on your needs and the silk wrap nail salon you visit, the application process is generally easy and straightforward. At Newport Nails, our skilled technicians begin by gently buffing your natural nails to create a smooth surface. They will then apply a base coat to protect your nails further.

Next, your technician will measure and cut the silk wrap to fit each of your nails. They’ll then apply a special resin adhesive, securing each layer in place. Finally, they will finish the application process by buffing the layers of silk wraps until you have a smooth and even surface. They will then proceed with your manicure as usual, painting your nails with your desired polish and design.

How Do Silk Wrap Nails Compare to Other Manicures?

Silk wrap nails are often compared to other popular manicure styles, such as acrylic nails or gel manicures. While all of these mani-pedi services have their merits, they are all unique services that make them ideal for different applications.

For example, acrylic nails are thicker and more noticeable compared to silk wrap nails, making them ideal for someone who wants a bold look. They also require regular fills and can be harsh on your natural nails, so they’re best suited to someone with already durable and healthy nail beds.

Gel nails, on the other hand, are similar to silk wrap nails in terms of appearance and longevity. However, gel nails require curing under a UV lamp, which can have potentially harmful effects on the skin. Additionally, gel manicures can weaken your nails over time due to the removal process, which involves soaking them in acetone.

Overall, silk wrap nails offer the perfect balance of natural-looking, long-lasting, and gentle care for your nails. Whether you’re looking for an everyday manicure or a special occasion polish, silk wrap nails are a versatile option that can meet your individual needs. They also help protect and strengthen broken or brittle nails, making them suitable for everyone regardless of nail health.

If you want to try out beautiful and natural silk wrap nail extensions, Newport Nails is the premier silk wrap nail salon in Newport Beach. Contact us online or visit us at Bayside or one of our other convenient locations today for a five-star silk wrap nail salon experience you’ll love.