Here’s How To Preserve Your Manicure Fresh Out of the Nail Salon

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a spa manicure at your local nail salon in Newport Beach. However, preserving your manicure afterward can be a bit more stressful. From smudging the polish while it’s still wet to experiencing premature chipping from working with your hands, there are, unfortunately, many ways to damage a beautiful manicure if you aren’t careful.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to avoid chipping, peeling, and smudging your mani-pedi. By following these simple tips, you can preserve your manicure for days or weeks after your nail salon appointment.

Always Use a Top Coat

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your manicure lasts is by using a top coat. A top coat acts as a protective layer for your nail polish, preventing it from chipping, peeling, or fading prematurely. Not only does it help it last longer, but it also adds shine and gloss to your manicure, giving it an even more beautiful finish.

When you visit any reputable nail salon in Newport Beach, they’ll typically always finish your mani-pedi service with a clear top coat. The top coats used by professional nail technicians are specially formulated to seal in your nail polish, helping it stay put for much longer. They can also provide added nourishment and hydration to your nails, keeping them healthy and strong.

Avoid Hot Water

You may want to cap off your self-care day with a relaxing warm bath, but it’s best to avoid hot water on your hands, especially on the day of your manicure. Avoid hot water, such as from a bath or shower, for the first 24 hours after getting your nails done. If choosing between the two, take a shower rather than a bath, as continuous exposure to warm water during a bath can cause your nail polish to soften and eventually peel off.

Whenever possible, use cool or lukewarm water while washing your hands, showering, or doing any other activities that involve water. This will help your nail polish stay intact and even help your manicure last longer. Ice water can even help a mani-pedi dry more quickly.

Use Gloves When Cleaning

Another way to protect your hands from hot water and abrasive chemicals is by wearing gloves. Cleaning products and other household items can be harsh on your nails and cause your manicure to prematurely chip or fade. To avoid this, wear gloves whenever you’re using any cleaning products or handling any chemicals.

Wearing gloves during these activities can also help generally protect the health of your nails and skin. Handling chemicals can cause your hands to become dry and rough and your nails to become brittle. By making a point of wearing gloves, you can keep your skin hydrated and soft and your nails healthy and strong.

Avoid Picking Your Nails

One of the easiest ways to preserve your manicure is to avoid picking at or chewing your nails. This can be especially tempting if your polish has started to peel or chip in places, but it’s one of the worst things you can do for your manicure and your nail health.

Picking at your nails can cause the polish to peel off more rapidly, ruining the entire manicure. It can also cause damage to your natural nails, making them weak and brittle. Instead of picking at your nails, if you notice any small chips or imperfections, simply touch them up with a bit of nail polish. This will take care of the issue without causing any further damage. If you want to completely remove your manicure, soak it off properly using acetone and a cotton ball, or visit your local nail salon in Newport Beach for professional removal.

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