The Four Biggest Benefits of Getting Regular Facials

If you’ve ever had a friend who raves about getting facials, you might wonder why they are so hooked on them. 

Spa facial treatments are far more than just a little extra pampering; regular facials can work wonders for your mental and skin health. Below are the four biggest benefits of seeing an esthetician on a regular basis.

Get More Out of Your Skincare

A professional facial treatment helps de-congest your skin, making your skincare products more effective by allowing them to sink deeper into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it.

Our skin is exposed to dirt, sweat and pollution constantly. During a facial, your esthetician will use hot towels and medical-grade skincare tools to gently exfoliate and unclog your pores.

Clear Your Pores

Experiencing an acne breakout? Keep your hands off your skin. 

Licensed estheticians have the tools and expertise to properly extract blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed acne lesions. Your facialist will hygienically and carefully clear clogged pores during your acne facial treatment to help improve your complexion. 

Attempting extractions at home can lead to scarring, broken capillaries and worsened acne, which is why it’s essential to leave it to the professionals. 

Give Your Skin a Deep Cleanse

Makeup, facial care products and the environment can leave your skin feeling a little congested. Scheduling a spa facial treatment will give your skin the deep cleanse it’s been craving. Book a service and treat yourself to brighter, clearer skin.

Relax Your Mind

If you’ve ever had a facial, you know how relaxing it can be. From the shoulder massage and serene music to the hot towels on your skin, spa facial treatments are one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a stressful week. Plus, keeping your stress down helps prevent breakouts in the future.

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