The Beginner’s Guide to the Most Common Nail Salon Services

Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or just want to indulge in some self-care, visiting a nail salon in Newport Beach can be an exciting and relaxing experience. However, if you’ve never been to a nail salon before, you may not know what to expect.

From classic services like mani-pedis to modern luxuries like gel manicures and acrylic nails, there is an array of options to keep your hands and feet looking and feeling their best. If you’re new to the world of mani-pedis or are looking to expand your nail salon horizons, here is a beginner’s guide to the most common nail salon services.

Basic Nail Salon Services

The most basic and essential services offered at any nail salon in Newport Beach are manicures and pedicures. Manicures involve the treatment and beautification of the fingernails and hands, while pedicures focus on the toenails and feet. These services are the foundation of any nail salon’s services.

During a manicure, your nail technician will shape and buff the nails to your desired length and shape. They’ll then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles and remove any excess or dead skin. This not only makes your nails look neater but also helps prevent any hangnails or infections. Once your nails are prepped, most manicures offer a variety of classic nail polish hues and designs. You can choose a traditional nail polish formula, or you can opt for a gel manicure that is cured and lasts for several weeks.

Pedicures involve the same process as a manicure, but they focus on the toenails rather than the fingernails. A standard pedicure starts with soaking your feet in a warm, relaxing footbath. The technician then uses a pumice stone to gently scrub away dead skin and calluses from the soles of your feet. This is followed by nail trimming and shaping, cuticle care, and a foot massage. Your pedicure is completed with your choice of nail polish.


Specialized Nail Treatments

For those who love to experiment with their nails and want to take it a step further, nail salons in Newport Beach typically also offer specialized nail treatment services such as nail extensions and nail art.

Nail extensions are artificial nails that are attached to your natural nails to add length or enhance their appearance. These treatments are ideal for those who have weak or brittle nails and want to achieve longer, stronger, and more durable nails. There are several main nail extension options: acrylic nails, gel extensions, and dip powder nail extensions.

Whether you opt for natural nails or glamorous extensions, you can elevate your spa manicure further with nail art. Nail art is all about expressing your individuality and creativity through your nails. From simple designs to intricate patterns, this form of self-expression will elevate your look and make a statement. Ask your technician for hand-painted nail art, decals, and nail stickers, or even embellishments and 3D nail art. Each technique is unique and caters to a specific style and budget, so there’s an option for everyone.

Luxury Mani-Pedi Services

For the ultimate pampering experience, treat yourself to luxury mani-pedi services. These include spa manicures and spa pedicures, as well as add-on treatments that you can use to enhance your mani-pedi or nail extension service.

Spa manicures and spa pedicures are designed to give you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience while enhancing the health and appearance of your nails and skin. During a spa mani-pedi, your hands or feet will soak in a warm, mineral-rich bath, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. This is followed by a massage using nourishing oils to soothe and hydrate the skin while improving circulation. Your nails are then shaped and painted to perfection as usual.

For extra indulgence, you can add on luxury treatments such as paraffin wax, which helps to moisturize dry and cracked skin, or a hydrating mask to nourish and revitalize your hands and feet. At Newport Nails, we also offer callus removal treatments, hot oil treatments, extra-long massages, and treatment with CBD creams.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy mani-pedi or a luxurious day of head-to-toe pampering, Newport Nails has a wide range of customizable nail salon services that will suit anyone’s needs. Contact us online or visit us at our Westcliff Plaza nail salon or one of our other convenient locations today, and let us know how we can service your mani-pedi needs.