How Often Do You Really Need a Spa Facial Treatment?

Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you’re just starting a new skincare routine, it can take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your skin’s unique needs.

When it comes to spa facial treatments, the frequency you’ll want to schedule an appointment is based on your primary skin concern. We’ve broken down the four most common concerns and how often you should schedule a facial.

If You Have Oily Skin, Blemishes or Clogged Pores

If you’re experiencing acne breakouts, acne facials can help to clear up your skin. This type of spa facial treatment typically includes professional extractions and a chemical exfoliant like salicylic or glycolic acid, which alleviate clogged pores.

Generally, a spa facial every two to three weeks is ideal at the start of treatment for blemishes. After your breakouts begin to subside, getting a facial every four to six weeks will help to maintain your results.

If You’re Concerned About Hyperpigmentation

Excess sun exposure, aging and acne scars can all result in hyperpigmentation (also referred to as “dark spots”). Pigmentation is a common skin concern that can be improved significantly with regular brightening facials. 

Estheticians can use a variety of treatments, ranging from vitamin C and azelaic acid to LED lights and lasers, to improve this concern. 

Depending on your skin type and the severity of your pigmentation, your esthetician will recommend you come in either every two to three weeks or four to six weeks for optimal results.

If You Suffer From Dryness

Dry, flaky skin is often the result of a damaged skin barrier. Moisturizing facials can help to repair the sensitive moisture barrier and keep your skin healthy and soft.

Coming in every four to six weeks for a spa facial treatment that includes a hydrating serum, ceramides and gentle exfoliation will keep dryness at bay.

If You’d Like to Reduce Signs of Aging

A spa facial treatment tailored to address signs of aging will typically include collagen-boosting agents like peptides. Your esthetician may suggest a microcurrent device to stimulate your skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Generally speaking, treatments every four to six weeks are ideal for improving this concern. 

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