How Can You Find the Best Nail Salon Near You?

Choosing a high-quality nail salon and spa is essential. Go to a subpar location, and you’ll get a disappointing manicure in an unclean environment. 

So, how do you know you’re at the right nail bar? We’ve broken down the four most important things to consider when searching for the best nail salon near you.

Ask the Nail Salon About Their Hygiene Policies

The most important aspect of every nail salon and spa is its level of cleanliness. Nail technicians come into contact with dozens of clients daily, so proper cleaning and protective measures are essential to preventing the spread of funguses, warts and viruses.

Nail files, wooden tools and buffers cannot be adequately sterilized, so each client should receive their own set of these disposable items. If the salon uses reusable metal tools, they should be sanitized between each client. 

Never be afraid to ask your nail bar about their cleanliness practices – a great salon will gladly show you!

Choose a Nail Bar That Uses The Latest Products

Nail technology is constantly evolving, so make sure to choose a nail salon near you that’s up-to-date on the latest trends, products and techniques. 

At Newport Nails, our technicians have the tools and expertise to create any design you find on social media. If you’re looking for Gel-X nail extensions, intricate acrylic nails or a silk wrap nail salon, we’ve got you covered!

Look for a Satisfaction Guarantee

A good salon will ensure you walk out loving your nails and experience. At our nail bar and spa, we prioritize client satisfaction. 

We designed Newport Nails to be the ultimate pampering experience. With a relaxing environment and skilled, attentive staff, we’ll make your self-care day the best it can be. 

Note Whether or Not They Accept Walk-Ins

Some salons only accept walk-ins, others only take appointments ahead of time – at Newport Nails, we accommodate both! 

If you’re looking to come in with a group, we’re happy to reserve slots for your crew. Need a touch-up on your lunch hour? As long as there’s a spot available, we’ll get you a walk-in appointment.

With multiple convenient locations around Newport, like Bayside Drive, you’re never too far from the city’s leading nail salon and spa. We take pride in providing Newport Beach with beautiful manicures and pedicures alongside exceptional customer service. Contact your nearest Newport Nails and book your first appointment today!