Four Useful Ways Manicures Can Improve Your Life

Dry weather, hand washing and even some cleaning products can take a toll on your hands. If your skin and nails are looking a little worse for the wear, it’s time to book your next spa manicure! Regular manicures add far more to your life than just a pop of color; we’ve compiled the top four reasons manicures can improve your day-to-day.

Spa Manicures are Your Time to Relax

Spa manicures are just as beneficial to your mental health as they are to your nails! Professional nail salons offer the relaxing, pampering environment you crave at the end of a long work week. If you’ve ever had a great manicure, you know how incredible it feels to have your hands treated to a great massage and softened with hydrating ingredients. At Newport Nails, we even offer CBD products to add a little extra stress relief to your service!

Professional Nail Spas Improve Your Nail Health

Professional nail technicians are skilled at preventing nail breakage and chipping. Unlike a DIY manicure, a professional service will help to ensure your nails stay strong and healthy. Avoid trimming your own cuticles and buffing your own nails – your nail beds will thank you for it!

Polished Nails Enhance Your Look

Nothing ties together your appearance and boosts your confidence like a fresh set of nails. A spa manicure is an ideal way to prep for a big event, presentation or trip. Bring in whatever new trend you saw on your social media this week; our team at Newport Nails has the tools and expertise to recreate it.

Nail Technicians Ensure a Longer-Lasting Manicure

The polish you can buy at the store will last maybe a few days before chipping. Our nail salon and spa offers dip powder nails, gel manicures and perfect acrylic sets that will look great for weeks! By opting for professional spa manicures, you’ll save time each month on nail maintenance.

Newport Nails is your go-to for beautiful nails, spa facials and more! We offer all the self-care services you love in each convenient location. Visit us at Bayside Shopping Center or contact us today to book your next appointment.