4 Pedicure Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

We’re all guilty of neglecting our feet – but with summer just around the corner and sandal season looming, it’s most likely time to treat your toes to a pedicure, whether at a nail salon or a DIY home pedicure. However, before treating yourself to a blissful bit of pampering and relaxation, you’ll have to learn what to avoid when it comes to foot treatments. Without further ado, here are some of the top mistakes to avoid making during an in-home or salon pedicure.

Don’t Use a Foot File on Wet Skin

When DIY’ing your pedicure, one of the most common mistakes you can make is using a foot file on your wet feet. This is because doing so can cause damage to the skin and hurt your feet more than it helps them. Instead, opt to file your feet before you shower for optimal results.

Skip the Jet Spray Tub Pedicure

While the jet sprays in your nail salon’s pedicure tub are indeed soothing, they may be doing you more harm than good. Unfortunately, jet spray tubs are known to harbor excess bacteria due to improper cleaning. For the health and safety of your feet and to prevent infection, opt for a regular tub and hot water at the nail salon.

Be Sure to Apply a Base and Top Coat

Applying a base and top coat isn’t just a rule of thumb for manicures. As with your fingernails, you’ll need both a base and top coat for your toenails. This will give your toenails the salon-quality finish that you desire. In addition, a base and top coat will ensure that your nail polish lasts longer and prevent any staining or discoloration on your toenails.

Don’t Forget Your Flip-Flops

After the pedicure process, your skin needs ample time to breathe. If you come to your pedicure appointment wearing closed-toe shoes like sneakers, boots, or ballet flats, you run the risk of smudging your gorgeous new pedicure. Instead, always be sure to come to the nail salon wearing flip-flops. Unless you have gel or Gel X nail polish, which sets immediately, your toenails should be touch-dry in 10 minutes and fully dry within 45 minutes. 

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